About Icosavax
We are committed to developing safe and effective vaccines against infectious diseases that address important unmet medical needs and reduce healthcare costs. We were founded on breakthrough computationally-designed virus-like particle technology, exclusively licensed for a variety of infectious disease indications from the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington.

"An effective RSV vaccine could help millions of people around the world to relieve a substantial disease burden and reduce significant healthcare costs.” 

- Tadataka (Tachi) Yamada, M.D., board chair of Icosavax

We believe that science and technology can and will continue to improve public health and that preventing infection is preferable to treating illness.
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With a strong investor syndicate providing both significant expertise and financial support, we are focused on advancing our lead candidate IVX-121 into the clinic. IVX-121 targets respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a major cause of viral pneumonia for which no vaccine has been FDA approved.

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